A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Slash Crawl is a fast action/puzzle game about avoiding enemy spikes.

The game uses a very clean and minimalist approach to design and art. This allows it to be easy to play but challenging for more experienced players.


  • Procedural Enemy Placement
  • Hand-Built Room Designs
  • Fast Action
  • Tight Controls


  • Movement: WASD or Controller Right Analogue Stick
  • Menu Select: Space/Return or Controller Face Down (A on Xbox)

I will be updating the game with more enemy types, more room layouts and improvements/fixes very soon. So stay tuned for new versions.



Slash Crawl (Version 1.1) 33 MB


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Thanks :)

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Thanks for playing!. I've posted a comment on your video with some of my feedback for it. Means alot that you've enjoyed and played it.